Tulane University

Undergraduate Admission

Degrees & Requirements

As an undergraduate student at Tulane, you may earn one or more of the following degrees:

  • School of Liberal Arts
    • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
  • School of Architecture
    • Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)
    • Bachelor of Science in Architecture (B.S.A.)
  • School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine
    • Bachelor of Science in Public Health (B.S.P.H.)
  • A.B. Freeman School of Business
    • Bachelor of Science in Management (B.S.M.)
  • School of Science & Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
    • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE)
    • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

In order to graduate, all students must fulfill the core curriculum, public service requirements, and specific major requirements. Undergraduate students at Tulane are encouraged to take classes across schools and majors.

All students in the School of Liberal Arts have Foreign Language, Writing, and Distribution Requirements. The School of Architecture requires specific courses and electives to prepare you thoroughly for a career in architecture or a related design field. The required curriculum for the School of Public Health consists of BSPH Proficiency Requirements, an Advanced Core Curriculum, a Public Health internship, electives, and the Public Health Major Track courses. The A.B. Freeman School of Business has a series of business course requirements. Finally, the School of Science and Engineering’s programs combine a solid foundation in math and science (theoretical and laboratory), along with humanities, social sciences, and major-specific material.

More Information:

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The opportunities for research at Tulane start early in your undergraduate career.


Guest blog time! I'm turning it over to Carole Haber, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts today. She's going to give you the skinny on our brand new School of Liberal Arts Management Minor, which if I were still an undergrad, I would be all about!

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Did You Know?

Several Tulane Green Wave football alumni play in the National Football League, including Patrick Ramsey, J.P. Losman, Anthony Cannon, Mewelde Moore, Matt Forté, and Roydell Williams.