Tulane University

Undergraduate Admission


Tulane continually ensures that students are able enhance their education with the ever-expanding network of technological resources available.

Tulane's campus is entirely wireless and students can often be seen working on their computers outside while taking advantage of the beautiful New Orleans weather. For students who do not have laptop computers, there are more than 400 IBM and Mac workstations throughout campus, all of which are connected by a fiber-optic network that links every residence hall room with libraries, labs, and academic departments. This set-up allows students to access the university's extensive network of on-line academic resources from where ever they are on campus.

Tulane's Technology Services Department provides students with computer assistance, technology-related information and a center for repairs and upgrades. Additionally, the university supplies certain software to Tulane students for download at no charge.

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Did You Know?

Twelve Louisiana governors attended Tulane University.