Tulane University

Undergraduate Admission

Home school students

As a home school student, there are a few additional steps to complete in order to be reviewed for admission. In addition to the general requirements for a complete application, home school students must submit the components below.

  • Two SAT Subject Tests in subjects of your choosing
  • A comprehensive explanation of your curriculum that includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Citations of books used in coursework
    • Accreditation of the home school program
    • Thorough descriptions of classes taken

We encourage you to contact your regional admission counselor with any questions.


Campus Photo
Josephine-Louise, the all female, freshman dorm is located on Newcomb Quad.

Did You Know?

The Center for Public Service at Tulane University was started in 2006 to ensure that Tulane students learn outside the classroom through giving back to the community. Tulane offers over 100 courses with service-learning components.