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The faculty of Tulane university are world-renowned. Small class sizes and numerous opportunities for research allow professors to give a great deal of individual attention to their students. Several interviews with faculty are available here.

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When it comes to securities, Peter Ricchiuti and his students have an eye for sleeping giants.
Maureen Lichtveld applies her expertise in environmental public health to New Orleans and throughout the rest of the Gulf Coast.
professor lichtveld

How do hormones affect the brain and our ability to learn and remember? That’s the question that propels the research of Tulane neuroscientist Jill Daniel, associate professor of Psychology and Neuroscience.

j daniel
Geographer Richard Campanella pedals through New Orleans to better understand how its location has shaped the city's unique character.
Richard Campanella
Psychologist Michael Cunningham is discovering the secrets of success for African-American school children.
Michael Cunningham
Department chair Brent Koplitz has a laser-like focus on chemistry...and softball.
Brent Koplitz
Bruce Raeburn plays the drums as a sideline, while his "day job" as curator of Tulane University's Hogan Jazz Archive immerses him in all things jazz.
Bruce Raeburn
Renowned glass artist Gene Koss shares his expertise with the generation in our world-class studio.
Gene Koss
What did the Romans have to do with today's fast food? Ask Classics Professor Susann Lusnia.
Susann Lusnia
Scientist David Mullin is on the verge of reeling in a big one – in the lab and in the Gulf of Mexico.
David Mullin


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James Carville, lead strategist of Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, teaches a political science class at Tulane each spring.