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international student application procedures

The process used to evaluate international applicants is similar to the process used to evaluate the rest of the applicant pool. There are, however, a few parts of the application that require special attention from international applicants and a few additional forms that are required. The following materials are required of all international applicants.

1. Application: Tulane or Universal
2. Secondary School Transcript
3. Standardized Test Score (SAT or ACT and TOEFL or IELTS)
4. Secondary School Report
5. Certification of Finances

Download a checklist of Tulane application requirements.

1. Application
All first-year applicants use the same application forms. Tulane accepts the Universal College Application in addition to its own application forms.*

*Tulane understands that international applications and supporting material sent via traditional postal service may be slow to arrive in our office, so we encourage the use of courier services.
Please note Tulane's various admission deadlines and observe them carefully. If your application is completed just prior to the deadline, there may be very little time between notification of admission and the beginning of the term, thereby making it difficult to obtain a U.S. visa. It will be to your advantage to take the standardized tests and complete your application as early as possible. Most Tulane students enter the university in the fall semester.

2. Secondary School Transcript
Tulane requires a certified copy and a translated copy of your secondary school academic record. Exiting exams alone are not sufficient, unless you have already completed substantial university work; your academic record must list courses taken and grades received. Although Tulane is familiar with the grading systems of most nations, it is important that your school indicate which grades are designated as honors level performance, success, and failure.
Unless you have completed secondary schooling in the United States, Tulane also requires certified copies of government examination certificates issued by university examination syndicates, or copies of whichever general examination results are required for matriculation in universities in your country. A copy of your original record may be certified as a "true copy" by a notary public, an official of the school you are attending, or a representative of a U.S. consular official. If the original copies of your records, certificates, or examination results are not written in English, it is required that a literal English translation of these records be submitted with the documents. The English translation can be made and certified by one of the officials mentioned above.

3. Standardized Test Scores
International students must submit standardized test scores from the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT I) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the IELTS Test in lieu of the TOEFL. Freshman candidates whose native language is English and/or who can submit sufficient SAT I verbal scores of 600 or higher may request that the TOEFL requirement be waived, keeping in mind that most international students are less competitive without TOEFL scores. Transfer students may also request that these examinations be waived if they have successfully completed 30 credit hours at an American university. The TOEFL iBT or the IELTS may also be submitted to demonstrate your ability to learn English. Successful international students at Tulane normally receive TOEFL* iBT scores of at least 100 or IELTS of 6.5.
*Tulane’s SAT and TOEFL code is 6832

4. Secondary School Report
All first year applicants must submit a secondary school report and or an official letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor or head of class. If the original copy is not written in English, it is required that a literal English translation of the document be submitted. The English translation can be made and certified as a "true copy" by a notary public, an official of the school you are attending, or a representative of a U.S. consular official.

5. Certificate of Finances
International students must complete the Certification of Finances Form in order to complete their application for admission. This form must be filled out in English, and any supplementary bank documents must also be translated into English. We will not accept bank documents without this form. Tulane University offers limited need-based financial assistance (up to a maximum of $20,000) to international students whom we determine to have financial need. To determine whether you qualify for aid, submit the CSS Profile by March 1 in order for it to be considered during the period when maximum funds are available.

International Transfer Credit: If you wish to transfer credit to Tulane University for French Baccalaureate examinations, British A-Level examinations or any course taken at an international university, you must first have your test results or university transcript evaluated by World Education Services (WES). We will not award credit until we have received an official evaluation from World Education Services. You may contact WES at WWW.WES.ORG.

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At the first commencement address for the Tulane Medical School in 1836, the dean delivered his speech in Latin.