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Seville, Spain - Tulane University Global Green Wave Program

Oct. 30 – Dec. 10

Breakfast with host family

Homestays are the overwhelming preference of study abroad students in Seville due to the cultural and linguistic opportunities that they provide. Students have their own room and are placed on an individual basis. However, if you wish it you may request to live with another program participant, but always with the condition that this is approved by the study abroad office and that each student has their own separate bedroom. All meals and laundry privileges are provided. Internet is also provided in all types of CIEE housing, as are cleaning services, although these vary depending on the type of housing.

Breakfast is usually served before 8 am. This is the lightest meal of the day. A typical Spanish breakfast consists of coffee, cola cao (hot chocolate), bread, toast, or cookies.

Note that Spaniards typically to go to a bar or café for a mid-morning snack of tostada con mermelada or jamón (toast with marmalade or ham) and café con leche. This is not included as one of your meals, but you may find that this is a custom you adapt to easily.

Sessions and Workshops

Most of the indoor activities or sessions will be held at the CIEE Seville Study Center. The CIEE Study Center, located in a beautifully renovated Sevillian palace, was built in 1725. It is centrally located in Barrio Santa Cruz, the former Jewish quarter of the medieval city. The old Jewish quarter is full of picturesque narrow streets and houses painted in lively colors. A walk in this district, located in the heart of Seville, lends the impression of traveling back in time (The Legend of Don Juan, for example, took place in Santa Cruz Quarter).  Classrooms, a computer room, student services, and administration are housed in the CIEE Study Center.

Lunch with host families

Lunch is also included for students in Seville. El Almuerzo / La Comida (lunch) is the heaviest meal of the day and its usually served between 2pm and 3pm. You should discuss this mealtime with your host. It usually consists of two plates: the first is usually a salad, soup or legume dish, and the second, meat or fish. Dessert is often only fruit. Coffee may sometimes follow lunch.

Don’t forget to text or call your family if you are not eating with them. If you are going to lunch on your own, tapas, which means cover in Spanish, are a perfect option. There are plenty of places around the Study Center.

Late Dinners with Seville Homestays

La Cena (dinner)is served between 8 pm and 10 pm. The last meal of the day is served much later than most people from the U.S. are used to. It is light and may consist of soup, grilled meat, tortilla (omelets), salads and fruit. As in the United States, the time that meals are served and what is served varies from household to household.

CIEE classes are taught by professors employed by CIEE, many of whom also hold positions at the Universidad de Sevilla. All CIEE instructors have solid academic credentials in their field, and experience teaching students from the United States.