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Interview Tips

A virtual interview presents an opportunity for the admission staff to get to know you beyond what is presented in your application. To make the most of your interview, here are some tips from Tulane Admission Counselors on what to do and what you can expect during your interview.

What to Do

  1. Arrive on time. There are only twenty minutes allotted for interviews and counselors have limited availability, so do both yourself and your interviewer a favor by being punctual.
    1. Only sign up for an interview if you intend to partake in the interview.
  2. Dress appropriately. This doesn’t mean dressing up in a suit, but don’t look as though you’ve just rolled out of bed.
  3. Test your camera and internet connectivity beforehand. If your bandwidth is not strong enough to stream video, that’s okay—just join by phone and inform you interviewer in advance that you’ll be joining by phone rather than by video. We have generally found laptops to provide more stable connections than phones or tablets.
    1. Make sure the interviewer can see your entire face during the interview. We prefer to not to talk the top of your head or your ceiling fan.
    2. Make sure the light is in front of you, not behind you.
  4. Find a quiet space where you can avoid distractions from others, and try to stay in one place for the duration of the interview.
  5. Do some research about Tulane prior to the interview. Your research will show itself in the kinds of responses you give and the questions you ask your interviewer.
  6. Be yourself and answer sincerely. There are no wrong answers, so please don’t tell us what you think we want to hear.
    1. If you need to take a moment to think of a response, that’s okay, too!
  7. Don’t let nerves get in the way. We are excited to talk to you!

- Leila Labens, Director of Strategic Recruitment; Valerie Calenda, Associate Director of Admission; Owen Knight, Associate Director of Admission; Sam Reich, Admission Counselor

What to Expect

The following is a non-exhaustive list of questions that you might be asked during your interview. Keep in mind that the best interviews are more like conversations. While it’s important to prepare your responses, you don’t want to sound too rehearsed. Answer these questions honestly and as if you were talking to someone you know well. Again, be relaxed, be yourself, and engage in real time.

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.*
  2. How did you hear about Tulane?
  3. How are you conducting your college search and what types of schools interest you?
  4. What academic areas have been your favorite throughout high school? Do you plan to study a similar or different subject in college?
  5. What are you looking for in a college experience?
  6. Any questions for me?**

*Tell me about yourself can be a daunting prompt for anyone. Where to begin? Start by thinking about something that won’t be obvious in your application. The whole purpose of an interview is to go beyond the application, to add a personalized and memorable touch, so utilize the allotted time to put emphasis on things about yourself that might not come across as clearly or enthusiastically in an application.

**Similar to tip number five under “What to Do,” the questions you ask should demonstrate that you’ve done some research on Tulane. Don’t ask a question that you can easily find the answer to on Google, but rather more thoughtful questions, i.e. what types of students do well at Tulane?

Keith Stanford, Director of Midwest Recruitment

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