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CAST Overview

CAST is comprised of three parts: the online modules, the half-day CAST event, and the advising and registration appointment. Once you’ve registered for a CAST event you’ll want to complete the online modules. You can do them anytime, but be sure to complete them before attending CAST or your advising and registration appointment. Once you’ve completed the CAST modules, you’re ready to attend CAST and to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. (Students who have already registered for classes during honors weekend or through their athletic advisor won't have an advising and registration appointment.)

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The Modules

Once you’ve registered for one of the CAST sessions, you’ll receive an email at your Tulane.edu email address directing you to the online modules in the Gibson portal. (You’ve used the Green Wave Portal through the admission process, but now that you’re a student, everything happens in Gibson.) There are several online modules that are part of New Student Orientation, but right now you just need to do the two CAST modules. Once the CAST modules are complete, you’re ready for CAST and your registration appointment! Allow about one hour to complete the modules and be sure to complete them a few days before your advising and registration appointment.

The CAST Sessions

Each CAST session is hosted by our six amazing CAST Fellows. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other new students as well as some of our amazing Tulane faculty. CAST trivia is on the agenda, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve completed the modules before attending CAST.

Faculty are here for you at CAST! You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from faculty members from a variety of disciplines. They’ll offer the faculty perspective on academic success as well as advice on how best to transition from high school to college. Learn about office hours, why they’re important, and how to use them. This session focuses on college in general, so save your major-specific questions. We’re happy to connect you with discipline-specific faculty after CAST.

One of the best parts of the program is the Q&A with CAST Fellows – ask them anything! The Fellows have been there and done that when it comes to Tulane and they’re happy to answer all your questions. Want to know the best study spot? Favorite class? Or best place for a shrimp po-boy? The Fellows have you covered.

Whether you attend virtually or in-person, CAST is a fun way to prepare for life as a Tulane student, so be sure to sign up!

Advising and Registration

After completing the online module “CAST: Planning Your First Semester at Tulane” you will be eligible for an advising and registration appointment! Advising will reach out to schedule an advising appointment, so be certain to check your Tulane email regularly. Hour long, one-on-one Zoom calls with an academic advisor will take place throughout the month of June.

Your access to registration opens at the start of your advising appointment and will remain open until midnight central time. Before your registration window even opens, you’ll be ahead of the game because we’ve pre-registered you in a few classes that support your academic interests. Love the pre-registered classes? Terrific! Not what you hoped for? No problem, go ahead and change them. Your advisor is here to help!

During your appointment, you’ll complete your fall schedule and you can continue to make changes on your own for the rest of the day if needed. At midnight central time, your registration window closes, but it will reopen again on July 1st and you can adjust your schedule up until the last day to add classes in September.

Important note: students who have already registered for classes through the Honors Weekend program or through their athletic advisor will not get a CAST advising appointment. If you need to meet with your advisor, an appointment can be scheduled once all CAST appointments are complete.