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Cadmus Balkanski

Cadmus Balkanski

I’m Cadmus from Woodside, California. I am currently majoring in Environmental Biology. I was originally recruited to play soccer at my previous institution; however, I quickly realized that being a college athlete was not working for me, so I made the decision to transfer. I value Tulane’s hands-on labs and small class sizes because they allow me to make discoveries myself and have a connection with my professors. As a research institution, Tulane offers its undergraduates access to unique resources, from unlimited free use of3D printing to significant funding of student research. I was also drawn to Tulane because of the history and culture of New Orleans. Music, particularly traditional Jazz, has always been a part of my life, and what better place to experience music than in a city with such a rich culture of music. I want to share why Tulane would be a great fit for you too! 

Email: cbalkanski@tulane.edu