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Mobile, Alabama

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Caroline Scott

Major(s): Public Health

I have received incredible support from many offices at Tulane. I have met friends and received immense leadership development and training through the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity, learning how to run a club as well as serve as a mentor for younger students. The Well has constantly supported me as part of the Tulane University Peer Health Educators program (TUPHE), equipping me with the skills necessary to communicate effectively with my peers. Additionally, they are constantly ensuring that the health services and health promotion materials on campus are meeting the needs and being sensitive to various minority groups, including racial minorities and LGBTQ+ students.

I think that diversity is critical for providing an environment for high-quality education. Not only does it enrich the whole educational experience by providing individuals with the ability to hear myriad perspectives that are different from their own, but it promotes the development of a healthy society by challenging stereotypes and allowing students to develop their ability to communicate with individuals of all different backgrounds. My experiences with diversity at Tulane will help me be a more educated member of my community, wherever I go, because of the communication skills and the things I've learned as part of interacting with diverse communities on a daily basis here.