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Izzy Gretschel

Izzy Gretschel

 Hi Y’all, I’m Izzy from Washington DC. I am currently a BioChem Major with a Public Health Minor, on the Pre-Med Track. After spending my entire first year of college doing virtual remote classes due to my school not allowing in-person classes, I knew I needed a change. I had always been interested in Tulane and appreciated that, even during the pandemic, the school supported in person classes, and as normal of a college experience as possible. The first couple months of my transition to Tulane were difficult, as classes were cancelled for a couple weeks due to a hurricane; however, once we came back on campus, I started reaching out to friends, attending office hours, and exploring New Orleans. Within a couple weeks, I was reacclimated and absolute love Tulane and being in New Orleans. Everyone here at Tulane is so supportive and wants you to succeed. I am so happy I transferred to Tulane and can’t wait to support you too! 

Email: igretschel@tulane.edu