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Liv Varady

Liv Varady

Hello! My name is Liv Varady, and I am  from Manhattan Beach, California. Currently, my major is undeclared, and I am on a pre-med track. During my fall semester freshman year, I studied at the American University of Paris! 

While in Paris, I took Psychology, Socio-Cultural Anthropology, French 1, and Calculus. I also made time to travel to other countries, try new foods, and go to lots of museums. Being in Paris allowed me to meet so many people from all over the world. I have friends from France, Singapore, Amsterdam, and friends from all over the United States!

At Tulane, I am already involved with a lot of organizations. I am part of Greek Life, TU-Step Puppy-Sitters, Crawfest Committee, Homecoming Committee, and I am looking to put together an intramural soccer team. I had an amazing time in Paris, and I am so excited to be at Tulane! You can reach out to me with any questions about my experience.