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Natick, MA

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Pearljot Dalla

Major(s): Neuroscience, Cognitive Studies, and Philosophy

Diversity to me means having representation for all walks of life, from race to sexual orientation to socioeconomic levels and so forth. Representation matters. Seeing people who look like you excel matters because not being included in that narrative makes opportunities feel inaccessible otherwise. Living in New Orleans has helped me with more tangible experiences and examples of the intersectionality of diversity.

On campus I feel most a part of the queer and antiracist communities. I am involved in Students Organizing Against Racism (SOAR), The Gender and Sexuality Advisory Council, Queer Student Alliance, Queer Feminist Collective, Gender Exploration Society, and Minority Association of Pre-Health Students. Through namely my time with SOAR, I have had access to the language that comes with diversity that I didn’t even know I needed until I learned it. On campus I feel most supported by the Office of Gender and Sexual Diversity—where the head of the department, Red, has served as a phenomenal mentor through my first year at Tulane and how to navigate that experience.