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New Orleans, LA

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Sydney Monix

Major(s): Neuroscience and Communications
Minor(s): Psychology

Being a student at Tulane has helped me become aware of the issues surrounding diversity that can occur in certain environments, particularly when one realizes that they are a part of the minority. My experiences with diversity at Tulane have made me much more aware of the value of the human experience. No two people are the same; people come in many shapes and flavors that make them who they are and how they navigate the world around them. Being aware of the diversity of our world has made me much more conscientious of those around me. People grow and develop their own opinions and understandings by being in an environment that places them out of their comfort zone. Being stuck in a homogeneous environment does not foster growth nor challenge people to see the world that is bigger than themselves.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Gender and Sexuality (The “O”) has supported me by providing a safe space and collections of people that are open-minded and willing want to expand their understanding of what they are either not accustomed to or unfamiliar with. The staff at The O has accepted me and my experiences with open arms and I know they are always there whenever I need someone to call, even outside business hours!