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Sierra Cason

Sierra Cason

New Orleans has become a city on my list of homes. I wanted warmth, fun, and diversity—and NOLA was the perfect destination. I have a passion for increasing educational opportunity for underrepresented populations and diversifying institutions of higher education. Professionally, Tulane provides the atmosphere for me to drive the work I'm most interested in and supports my ideas; academically, it delivers interdisciplinary research programs that allow me to combine my various interests. Personally, New Orleans caters to my character. I'll dance anywhere as long as the music is right, I LOVE to eat and to try new foods, and I can socialize with a variety of people. I believe everyone should try new things and meet new people while simultaneously making sure the environment is a great fit. Feel like Tulane may be a good fit for you? Feel free to reach out to me!

About Sierra

Assistant Director
Diversity and Access Coordinator

Rochester, NY


B.A. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences
University of Rochester, 2014

Sierra works with students from:
California (Northern)