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Angel Carter

Video Field for Counselor Profile page


Interim Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion & Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator

Atlanta, GA


BA and BS, Tulane University


Northern New Jersey

Favorite NOLA Restaurant: 


Favorite Spot on Campus: 

​A place I like to call the "loft" in Dinwiddie Hall. Bay windows and collegiate architecture for the win.

My “Only at Tulane” Moment: 

​My very first Crawfest consisted of waking up to the sound of a second line brass band parading through campus. I couldn't even be upset because the music sounded so good and I looked out my window to see people having a great time. 

My “Only in New Orleans” Moment: 

My one of many includes the Boycott Bowl! After the botched call that robbed the Saints of the Super Bowl, the city threw a huge parade on Super Bowl Sunday to celebrate the Saints. We were robbed!

My Best College Search Process Tip: 

​If something about the college doesn't feel right, then chances are it isn't right for you. Make sure that you go with your gut and consider if you can see yourself at the school for four years.