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Donnell Bailey

Photo for Counselor Profile page

Donnell Bailey


Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Enrollment Management

New Orleans, LA


BA, Franklin & Marshall College

Favorite NOLA Restaurant: 

Lil Dizzy's Café

Favorite Spot on Campus: 

The 1834 Club (faculty and staff dining hall) on fried catfish Fridays

My “Only at Tulane” Moment: 

When I first started my job at Tulane, a colleague was touring me around campus. We saw President Fitts, and he hopped on our golf cart and joined us on the tour. This was my first time meeting President Fitts so as you could imagine I was in a state of shock.

My “Only in New Orleans” Moment: 

Once I came out of a coffee shop and there were people dancing in a second line coming down the street. When I looked there was a man dancing on a roof and another man dancing on top of a bus stop shelter. For me, this represents the best of my city because we always have a reason to celebrate here.

My Best College Search Process Tip: 

You’re going to be okay. Be your authentic self and remember the fortune is in the follow up.