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Jakob Cohen

Photo for Counselor Profile page

Jakob Cohen


Operations Manager

Philadelphia, PA


BS, Tulane University

Favorite NOLA Restaurant: 


Favorite Spot on Campus: 

The bench in front of Flower Hall – the spot provides the serenity of an epic oak tree in the foreground and the energy of students walking by on McAlister in the background.

My “Only at Tulane” Moment: 

One of my quintessential Tulane moments came during my sophomore year. I woke up early and volunteered with a non-profit, Top Box Foods, that I’d been working with since my first month at Tulane. After delivering food around the city with Top Box, my friends who I volunteered with and I went over to Crawfest and spent the afternoon chowing down on trays and trays of crawfish while listening to live music. The sun was shining, Tulane students covered the quad eating crawfish and dancing to Reel Big Fish and I knew I was in the right place. 

My “Only in New Orleans” Moment: 

A club I was in as a student called Food Justice Advocates worked with urban farms and one day we went to a farmer’s market in the Lower 9th Ward. We helped set up the market and then we had a chance to shop  before heading back to campus. I asked one of the vendors how she was doing today and she said, “I’m blessed. I woke up this morning.” New Orleanians appreciate life and believe every aspect of it should be celebrated. I try to bring that spirit with me every day. 

My Best College Search Process Tip: 

Talk to current students at universities. When they tell stories about their experiences, see if you can imagine yourself in their shoes. If so, then you’ve found the right fit!