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Luke Murray

Photo for Counselor Profile page

Luke Murray


Admission Counselor

Silver Spring, MD


BA, Elon University



Favorite NOLA Restaurant: 

Moby’s - they have the best ribs in town!

Favorite Spot on Campus: 

The quiet outdoor courtyard on top of the commons. Perfect to get some work done outside.

My “Only at Tulane” Moment: 

During my first week of work Hurricane Ida hit.  I still hadn’t found a place to live yet, and I was staying at a hotel. The storm hit Sunday, and, on that Friday, my supervisor invited me to stay with him so we could weather the storm.  Even though we evacuated in the middle of the night, no where else would someone have invited me to stay with them only days after meeting me.  

My “Only in New Orleans” Moment: 

From the moment that I moved here, everyone was so incredibly kind.  People in New Orleans want to talk to you they want to know your story and they really do care when they ask how you are doing.  The joy that comes from living here is so infectious that anyone who comes to visit can get a small taste of what I get to live every day.  The city is alive, in a way that no other city I’ve lived in is.

My Best College Search Process Tip: 

Be yourself and trust your gut! Easy to say and sometimes hard to do.  Part of being yourself is knowing yourself.  Don’t ever try to fit a school!  So find the place that’s right for you.