Phabion Woodard

Admission Counselor

Indianola, MS

BA, Tulane University


Alabama, Arkansas, Florida (South), Mississippi, Oklahoma


Favorite NOLA Restaurant:

Bayou Hot Wings - they have the best variety of wings in the city!

Favorite Spot on Campus:

Yulman Stadium. There is nothing better than waking up on a Saturday and heading over to watch some football being played.

My “Only at Tulane” Moment:

Going to the Cotton Bowl to witness one of the greatest comebacks in bowl season history. The energy and support from Tulane Fans from across the world roared in awe as the final seconds ticked down on the clock. It was the one of the greatest moments in history at Tulane and will always be remembered for years to come.

My “Only in New Orleans” Moment:

At any given moment I can wake up on a Sunday to a live band, parade and a street filled with second line enthusiasts marching right past my front door. The first time it happened I was very confused, but since then I’ve made it my mission to go out and cheer them on as they parade by. There is a love/hate relationship that you receive from the city. It will love and embrace you, but it will hate to see you leave!

My Best College Search Process Tip:

Never base your decision off of ‘where’, but always remember your ‘why’! It is a 4-year degree and a 40-year decision. Trust your gut and follow your heart. When college is over, the relationships and connections you have built over that time will guide you and help make the transition into the real world much easier.