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Satyajit Dattagupta

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Satyajit Dattagupta

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Senior Vice President and Dean of Admission for Enrollment Management and Graduate and Pre-College Strategy

Satyajit Dattagupta joined the Office of Undergraduate Admission as the Vice President of Enrollment Management in June of 2016 and most recently was named Tulane’s first Senior Vice President and Dean of Admission for Enrollment Management and Graduate and Pre-college Strategy. In his time here, he has overseen admission of the academically strongest, most selective, and most diverse classes in Tulane's history.

Under the direction of Satyajit, our Class of 2025 again set a precedent for the highest achieving, most diverse, and most selective class yet.

With more than 45,000 applications (a 42% increase over the last 5 years), the Class of 2025's acceptance rate is 9.73%, the most selective class in university history. Moreover, Tulane’s yield — the number of students who were admitted into the university who actually go on to enroll — rose to about 46%, a 96%increase since before Satyajit's time as Dean of Admission.

The Class of 2025 is one of the academically strongest, too, with a converted average SAT score of 1474 and an average ACT of 31-34

Satyajit cited a number of factors that contributed to the enviable statistics of the Class of 2025…

"The Tulane experience is resonating with a lot of academically strong high school seniors, the ability to come into Newcomb-Tulane College and really have their entire paths open to them, in terms of which majors they can choose; the interdisciplinarity that we can provide; the fact that so many of our students do a double major; research opportunities; the ability to engage in the community and really cross boundaries — that’s why our numbers are where they are."

The new class is also diverse, with almost one-third identifying as a student of color or an international student (26% BIPOC, 5% International). The states with the most students in the Class of 2024 are New York, California, Louisiana and Illinois. Twenty three countries are represented.

"An institution of our caliber should have students that come from different parts of the country and the world," Satyajit said.