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Tonia Buise

Video Field for Counselor Profile page


Admission Counselor

Alameda, CA


BA, University of Kansas
M.Ed., North Carolina State University


New Jersey
Long Island (South Shore, Suffolk Counties)
Northern California
Architecture Students (all)

Favorite NOLA Restaurant: 

Mais Arepas

Favorite Spot on Campus: 

Yulman Stadium because my free fitness community group, November Project, does a big Saturday workout at Yulman where we attempt to run all the stairs in the stadium as part of our workout. It's exhausting, but I love a good challenge!

My “Only at Tulane” Moment: 

Only at Tulane would I have an opportunity to spend the weekend at a beach resort talking to a couple hundred Tulane students about the State of our Union and our roles/responsibilities to influence change at our annual Posse Plus Retreat.

My “Only in New Orleans” Moment: 

Only in New Orleans is it perfectly acceptable to be a Giraffe Jedi for one of my favorite parades, the Krewe of Chewbaccus, where you can see some of the most intricately made sci fi/fantasy-themed costumes, or find an animal onesie and a brown robe with a light saber and call it GOOD!

My Best College Search Process Tip: 

Find a way to drown out the white noise. Lots of people are going to have opinions and suggestions for where you should go and what you should do during this process. It's easy to get it all jumbled with what you want. Schedule some alone time to reflect and really think about what you need and want to be successful with your college experience, and be confident in that foundation.