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Baton Rouge, LA

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William Smith

Major(s): Neuroscience and Sociology

I am part of the black, public service, and social justice communities that exist on campus. I am involved with the Office of Multicultural Affairs as a peer mentor, resident advisor (RA), and serve as a member of the Multicultural Council, Black Student Union (BSU), and Students Organizing Against Racism (SOAR). The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) and the Center for Public Service have been a great support to me during my time at Tulane. Specifically, OMA has been supportive in the initiatives, programs, and ideas that student organizations want to put on and has served as a place of support during times of crisis.

Being a student at Tulane has taught me that diversity does not have to only be used when referring to race. There is also geographic, class, and a number of other ways that the term can be applied. Also, there is always something to be learned from everyone. After leaving Tulane, I think that I will definitely be more willing to learn from anyone because I have had the opportunity to listen and learn from the various backgrounds that exist on campus.