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Will Brzezinski

will brzezinski

Hi! My name is Will Brzezinski and I am from Great Falls, Virginia. I was admitted into Tulane as a Spring Scholar and opted to study abroad in Rome at John Cabot University. I plan to be an International Relations major so studying abroad for my first semester fit my interests perfectly. At John Cabot University I studied western European politics, ancient Roman history, intercultural communications, and Italian. I learned a lot in the classroom but I also learned just as much through experience, whether it was going on a morning run past the Vatican, chatting in Italian at my favorite (coffee) bar, or sightseeing around Europe. Rome was also where I made some of my best friends, many of whom go to Tulane and others who were in similar spring admit programs at other universities.

One of my biggest worries as a Spring Scholar was the transition into life at Tulane for the second semester. I was concerned about a range of issues, from understanding the social scene to being able to handle Tulane’s workload. Despite all of these worries I have had a seamless transition from the Eternal City to the Crescent City. Tulane provided a countless amount of resources for all Spring Scholars, such as the academic success coaching and a huge January activities expo which helped everyone adjust to Tulane life. I felt fully prepared for Tulane’s workload and find it easy to make new friends around campus. I have gotten involved with Tulane’s Outdoor Adventures and am training with the organization this semester to be a guide that takes student groups on different outdoor trips, such as hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, or backpacking excursions. I also plan on attending many of the meetings of the dozens of awesome clubs whose email list I put my name on. Next semester I plan on rushing the pre-professional business fraternity and possibly being a tour guide.

If you have any questions about being a Spring Scholar or about Tulane in general, please feel free to contact me at any point. Roll Wave!