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Carencro, LA

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Antonio Milton

Major(s): Political Science Minor(s): Philosophy

On campus I am involved with the Black Student Union—an organization that partakes in programming that promotes socializing between black students on campus. The Office of Multicultural Affairs (The “O) and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) have supported me the most on campus. The O sponsors great programming to help all students, not just minorities, to connect with one another and engage in dialogue. CAPS provided me with support through rough times, especially on a campus where I don't look like most of the people around me.

I believe that exposure to different backgrounds and ways of thinking supplements my development as a student and as a person. Diversity means much more than physically coming from different places across the map. It means that I can learn a lot more in a much different fashion if I went to school in a place where everyone had the same story. I think that by and large I will view people and the real world in a much different way. By getting exposure to different perspectives and learning styles I have learned a lot more in my one year at Tulane than I would have at any of the other universities I was considering. Not only does my experience here at Tulane remind me to be more mindful during interactions with people; it also supports my pursuit to learn more about people and their traditions, languages, arts, and much more.