Tulane Global Ambassadors

Below is just a small group of international and U.S. students at Tulane who are actively engaged with our international community. These Global Ambassadors are more than happy to discuss aspects of life at Tulane and their adjustment to our unique city with you.

Each student has listed their academic interests and their hometown. Please get in touch with any and all of them for their personal perspectives on Tulane.  

  • Júlia Fontenele Romagnoli
    Brasília, Brazil

    Majors: Neuroscience, Psychology
    Languages Spoken: Portuguese, English
    Class of 2026

  • Letitia (Siyu) Xiong
    Shenzhen, China

    Majors: Political Economy, Legal Studies in Business
    Minor: Philosophy
    Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English, French
    Class of 2025

  • Kotoha Kudo
    Tokyo, Japan

    Majors: International Relations, Mathematics
    Minor: Chinese
    Languages Spoken: Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, English
    Class of 2025

  • Amanda Bond
    Kingston, Jamaica

    Majors: Architecture
    Class of 2023/24

  • Jiahe (Jocelyn) Zhang
    Wenzhou and Shanghai, China

    Majors: Finance, Cell & Molecular Biology
    Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English
    Class of 2024

  • Eferoghene (Roghe) Okakuro
    Port Harcourt, Nigeria

    Major: Biomedical Engineering (Pre-Med Track)
    Minor: Economics
    Languages Spoken: English
    Class of 2024

  • Lekh Parekh
    Mumbai, India

    Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology
    Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, French, Spanish (Elementary)
    Class of 2025

  • João Pedro Lacerda
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Majors: Finance, Computer Science
    Languages Spoken: Portuguese, English
    Class of 2026

  • Sofía Jaramillo
    Bogotá, Colombia

    Majors: Environmental Studies, Economics
    Minor: Psychology
    Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
    Class of 2025

  • Ifeoma Osakwe
    Lagos, Nigeria

    Majors: Cell and Molecular Biology (Pre-Med Track)
    Minor: Health and Wellness
    Languages Spoken: English
    Class of 2025

  • Wendy Yang
    Shijiazhuang, China

    Majors: Cell & Molecular Biology and Computer Science
    Minor: Economics
    Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English
    Class of 2024

  • Misra Kosarsoy
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Misra Kosarsoy

    Major: Management
    Minor: Architecture
    Languages Spoken: Turkish, English
    Class of 2026