Scholars Programs

Tulane houses several academic programs designed specifically for undergraduates who possess the drive for deeper inquiry and a desire for faculty mentorship. These programs (most of which require separate applications) provide students with collaborative, 4-year cohort experiences and supplemental support for undergraduate research and professional development at Tulane.

First-Year Honors Scholars' Experience

Students involved as a First-Year Honors Scholar have the opportunity to look for greater inquiry and scholarship, no matter the field of study, in this one-year experience. They work with faculty mentors, attend guest lectures, and have the option to take the Honors Colloquium as a cohort. Students are invited to participate in the Honors Scholars' experience during the admission process.

Newcomb Scholars Program

The Newcomb Scholars Program is a cohort program focused on scholarship and research, leadership, and community engagement, no matter the field of study. Newcomb Scholars take several courses as a 20-member cohort and complete theses to present during the annual Newcomb Scholars Symposium. Students apply for Newcomb Scholars in the fall of their freshman year.

Community Service Fellowship

Students apply for the Community Service Fellowship during the undergraduate admission process, and those selected form a small cohort of deeply engaged and socially conscious Tulane freshmen who commit to 150 service and leadership hours per year. Community Service Fellows receive guidance from the Center for Public Service, attend regular cohort meetings, and learn to be dynamic leaders and community advocates.

Altman Program in International Studies & Business

Students apply for the Altman Program during the undergraduate admission process. From that group, about 20 Altman Scholars form a cohort of freshmen who pursue dual degrees in business and liberal arts and take Altman-specific courses. Each Scholar specializes and studies in a region of the world in which their chosen foreign language is spoken, and each cohort travels together to a developing country the summer after their freshman year.

Tulane Research & Innovation Award (TRIA)

The Tulane Research and Innovation Award (TRIA) is a hands-on program offered to incoming Science & Engineering Honors students. Through TRIA, students are paired with a Science & Engineering faculty member in their chosen field of study to assist the faculty member in their research over the course of the academic year. TRIA students are expected to work 10 hours per week and will receive a stipend each semester for their work.