Merit Scholarships

Tulane offers both need-based and merit-based scholarships, most of which are renewable for your 4 years at Tulane. Many of our scholarships are awarded on the basis of both need and merit (academic, athletic, or talent) and have renewable criteria. Scholarship amounts range from $1,000 to those that cover our full tuition or even full cost of attendance.

All applicants are considered for partial merit scholarship by completing the Common Application for admission. To be considered for all scholarships, however, you should complete the following 5 steps as we may evaluate both your need and merit in our awarding process:

5 Steps for Scholarship Consideration

  1. Complete the Common Application for admission.
  2. Complete the CSS Profile by our financial aid deadlines (international students who are non-U.S. citizens should also complete Tulane’s Declaration & Certification of Finances);
  3. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (if you are a U.S. citizen or eligible resident) by our financial aid deadlines;
  4. Submit supporting documentation when requested by our Office of Financial Aid;
  5. Complete the Tulane Scholarship Application, audition, or portfolio on your Green Wave Portal by December 5th.

Partial Scholarships

Our partial tuition scholarships, which range up to $32,000 per year, require no special application and are awarded by the admission office based on the strength of the admission application within the context of a given year's applicant pool.

Academic, Leadership and Service Scholarships

These awards, often covering full tuition, require the Tulane Scholarship Application and seek to recognize superior academic performance and test scores (if available), exceptional community and secondary school involvement, potential for leadership, and extraordinary intellectual promise.

All applicants for Academic, Leadership, and Service Scholarships must submit the following two components. The most successful scholarship applications give equal attention to both the project and writing portions, using each to support and strengthen the other.

  1. A video or digital portfolio exploring an idea or academic area of interest that you want to pursue at Tulane
  2. A written commentary explaining the idea or interest featured in your video or portfolio, using 500 words or fewer

Additionally, applicants for the Community Service Fellowship must respond to each of the following prompts, using 250 words or fewer for each.

  1. Describe your experiences with community engagement, including organizations you’ve been involved with. What motivates you to engage in community work? What values or practices are most important to ethical community engagement? What are problematic aspects of service when it is not done in an intentional, accountable way?
  2. Discuss the social justice issue about which you care most deeply. Why is it important to you? What is your relationship to that issue, and what do you think your role could be in addressing it? You may write about one or more issues.

Stamps Scholarship

The Stamps Scholarship covers our total cost of attendance (including tuition, fees, housing, and meals) and provides an enrichment fund to support endeavors such as study abroad, undergraduate research, academic or co-curricular conferences, and unpaid internships. This award is made possible by generous funding by the Stamps Scholars Program - a nationally prestigious scholarship program - and fund matching by Tulane. Finalists will be invited to interview in the spring. Approximately 5 Stamps Scholarships are awarded each year.

Deans’ Honor Scholarship & Paul Tulane Award

These are Tulane’s signature full-tuition scholarships recognizing our most outstanding students across all academic areas of interest. Winners are notified in late February.

Note: Typical recipients over the last 3 years have had an ACT of 33+, an SAT score of 1500+, and/or a core, unweighted GPA of 3.7+, in addition to well-crafted scholarship applications. Test scores are not required to be considered for the Deans’ Honor Scholarship or Paul Tulane Award.

Community Service Fellowship

This award comes with an offering to join a cohort of active and engaged Community Service Fellows on campus who: attend monthly group meetings; complete an average of 100 service & leadership hours per year; learn to be dynamic leaders, community advocates, and service ambassadors; and regularly access resources and guidance from the Center for Public Service. Select Community Service fellows will be considered for full-tuition scholarships including the Sotomayor Public Service Scholarship and the Weatherhead Scholarship.

Artistic Scholarships

These scholarships range from $1,000 to $10,000 and require either an audition or portfolio and in some cases, an interview. Artistic materials are reviewed by our faculty members and recommendations are provided to the admission committee. Learn more about these scholarships.

Architecture Portfolio Award

To be considered, you must submit a portfolio and complete an interview upon invitation. Learn more

Musicianship Scholarship

To be considered, you must submit a portfolio. Learn more

Studio Art Portfolio Award

To be considered, you must submit a portfolio. Learn more

Marching Band Scholarship

To be considered, you must audition. Contact Tulane Bands

Louisiana Resident Scholarships

As part of our Louisiana Promise, we strive to make Tulane affordable to every admitted student from Louisiana. While students will automatically be considered for need-based scholarships that may cover up to full tuition through your submission of the Common Application and our financial aid applications (the FAFSA and CSS Profile), we also offer merit scholarships that require additional steps. Learn more about these scholarships.

Louisiana Excellence Award

To be considered, complete the Tulane Scholarship Application through your Green Wave Portal by December 5th.

Louisiana Legislative Scholarship

After submitting your Common Application to Tulane, you will be contacted via your Green Wave Portal to request consideration for this scholarship if you are an eligible resident.

Mayoral Scholarship

After submitting your Common Application to Tulane, you will be contacted via your Green Wave Portal to request consideration for this scholarship if you are an eligible resident.

International Scholarships

These awards of varying amounts, up to full-tuition, require the same aforementioned Tulane Scholarship Application and seek to recognize our most outstanding admitted international students. These awards are open to non-US citizens, who are otherwise not eligible for US Federal Financial Aid. International students are additionally eligible for all other merit scholarships listed above. Learn more about the Global Scholarship, Latin American Scholar Award, South Asian Scholar Award, and Sub-Saharan African Leadership Award on our page for international student financial aid.