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Transfer Ambassadors

Sara Brown

It was so easy to get involved right after transferring here because the students and professors are some of the most welcoming and friendly people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Kayla Davis

A self-proclaimed introvert, I am more involved at Tulane than I have been anywhere else, and I can honestly say that I’m finally at home!

Dillon Howell

I am also a Phi Theta Kappa member and a first-generation college student. 

Miranda Sinsheimer

In my time here, I have come to know the most welcoming, dedicated, and supportive students, faculty, and staff that have made my transfer experience so simple and fun. 

Isabela Perez

I decided to transfer because I wanted to attend a school where I could be myself and I could not have found a better place to do so.

Suzzette Montgomery

I was attracted to Tulane because of the variety and flexibility that the school offers in the courses and majoring opportunities.

Melody Haskell

However, out of all the universities I applied to, Tulane University was the only university to treat me like a real prospective student.

Hailey Mozzachio

What led me to Tulane was their amazing services and resources for LGBTQ students, including volunqueers, GSA, fun queer events, and there is even a section of the Health Center specifically for LGBTQ students.

Peyton Hopkins

The thought of transferring as a Junior was stressful at first, however the transition here at Tulane has been smooth and easy!

Katy Gruber

What led me to Tulane were my roots: I am proud to say I am a third generation Tulane student in my family. 

Byria Hamblin

I transferred to Tulane to study Political Science with a minor in Sociology. Before Tulane, I completed my Associate of Arts degree from Lone Star College in Cypress, Texas.

Joseph Sotile

After seeing how involved the students are on campus and in the surrounding community, I knew that Tulane was going to be a good fit.

David Ehrenthal

When I toured Tulane, I immediately felt a connection to the vibrant campus and culture around the city.

Everett Ellis

Tulane does a good job of blending the individualized attention of a smaller school with the myriad of opportunities available at a larger school, all while being in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Maddy Haynes

I finally found a place that truly feels like home away from home.

Bobby Nabati

Although, after visiting the campus and the city, I was in awe. It was not only about what the city and school had to offer but also the people who were living within it.

José A. Cruz Ayala

With this at hand, I looked for alternative options for my education and found that Tulane was the perfect fit.