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Transfer Ambassadors

Katy Gruber

What led me to Tulane were my roots: I am proud to say I am a third generation Tulane student in my family. 

David Ehrenthal

When I toured Tulane, I immediately felt a connection to the vibrant campus and culture around the city.

Joseph Sotile

After seeing how involved the students are on campus and in the surrounding community, I knew that Tulane was going to be a good fit.

Miranda Sinsheimer

In my time here, I have come to know the most welcoming, dedicated, and supportive students, faculty, and staff that have made my transfer experience so simple and fun. 

Maddy Haynes

I finally found a place that truly feels like home away from home.

Byria Hamblin

I transferred to Tulane to study Political Science with a minor in Sociology. Before Tulane, I completed my Associate of Arts degree from Lone Star College in Cypress, Texas.

Suzzette Montgomery

I was attracted to Tulane because of the variety and flexibility that the school offers in the courses and majoring opportunities.

Bobby Nabati

Although, after visiting the campus and the city, I was in awe. It was not only about what the city and school had to offer but also the people who were living within it.

Kayla Davis

A self-proclaimed introvert, I am more involved at Tulane than I have been anywhere else, and I can honestly say that I’m finally at home!

Isabela Perez

I decided to transfer because I wanted to attend a school where I could be myself and I could not have found a better place to do so.

José A. Cruz Ayala

With this at hand, I looked for alternative options for my education and found that Tulane was the perfect fit.

Dillon Howell

I am also a Phi Theta Kappa member and a first-generation college student. 

Hailey Mozzachio

What led me to Tulane was their amazing services and resources for LGBTQ students, including volunqueers, GSA, fun queer events, and there is even a section of the Health Center specifically for LGBTQ students.

Everett Ellis

Tulane does a good job of blending the individualized attention of a smaller school with the myriad of opportunities available at a larger school, all while being in one of the greatest cities in the world.