Jamia Brown

Admission Counselor

New Orleans, LA

BA, Tulane University


Georgia, New York (Westchester)

Favorite NOLA Restaurant:

GW Fins. The risotto is otherworldly!

Favorite Spot on Campus:

Newcomb Archives on the 3rd floor of the commons. Great quiet place to study and really cool zine and cookbook collection!

My “Only at Tulane” Moment:

During the week of my graduation from Tulane, I had become so exhausted from dancing with all the brass bands that were booked for many of the end-of-the-year senior awards ceremonies and graduations. I counted a total of 5 brass bands that I had the chance to celebrate with during the week of graduation.

My “Only in New Orleans” Moment:

I was writing outside a coffee shop in the 9th ward when I heard a brass band approaching from a couple of blocks away. Once the crowd second-lining with the band passed, I noticed a small white dog with angel wings photoshopped onto the shirts of some of the crowd. I realized they were having a repass, or jazz funeral for their late dog.

My Best College Search Process Tip:

Have as many people as possible with your best interest in at heart look over application materials, such as your resume or essays. They can all give you a wide range of advice and will notice things that others may not. Also, take some of the advice that you find helpful and leave behind things that may not be necessary or pertinent to your application.