Jorge Haise

Associate Director

Cidra, PR

BA, University of Puerto Rico
MBA, LSU Shreveport
MLA, Tulane University


Oregon, Puerto Rico, Washington, Caribbean, North Asia, South America, Central America

Favorite NOLA Restaurant:

Apolline has to be my favorite spot. Their menu really emphasizes the local flavors and ingredients.

Favorite Spot on Campus:

Newcomb Art Museum

My “Only at Tulane” Moment:

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico I was traveling for work and I was desperate to find ways to help my island. Tulane’s community mobilized quickly; sending supplies, donating to organizations helping the island and opening their doors to college students across the island to come here and study for a semester. When I got back to campus, I found a card on my desk and thought it was thank you card from a student, but it was from our interns. They got together and collected money to make a donation to an organization that was helping Puerto Rico under my name. Needless to say, I immediately started to cry. It really showed me how genuine service is at Tulane and it is something that will always keep me connected to the campus community.

My “Only in New Orleans” Moment:

Once, I was walking my dog on a weekend during Mardi Gras season at Audubon Park and I heard Mardi Gras parade music. I figured it was just another random parade, but it was actually a dancing krewe dress rehearsal! They were all wearing their costumes, singing, dancing; and a lady holding one of these 90’s portable radios was on her roller skates skating around everyone. I am pretty sure you don’t see that anywhere else in the country.

My Best College Search Process Tip:

Think about location rather than rankings. A school could be ranked number one for any given major, but it can also be located in a cow pasture. Same thing for a school in a city, maybe you want to live in a smaller community. At the end of the day, city, town or cow pasture, your success will depend on whether or not you are happy in your community.