Aastha Mehndirata

aastha mehndirata

Hi! My name is Aastha Mehndirata and I’m from New Delhi, India. I’m majoring in Marketing and Management. During my freshman year, I attended a college in a small town with few international students. Coming from the bustling metropolis of New Delhi, adjusting to the quiet life of a small town was quite challenging for me. While I was applying to transfer, I focused my applications solely on universities located in big cities. However, I didn't want to sacrifice the sense of community that a campus provides. That's why Tulane caught my eye. Located in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Tulane strikes the perfect balance between on-campus life and access to all the excitement of city living. For me, Tulane's campus offers that tight-knit community feel that I was craving. There's a diverse student body, plenty of student organizations, and a supportive faculty. But what sets Tulane apart is its location. New Orleans is bursting with culture, history, and opportunities for exploration. Whether it's trying out local cuisine or exploring the city's neighborhood there's always something new to discover. Tulane provided me with more than just an education; it offered a welcoming community where I felt embraced and understood. Within its walls, I discovered a sense of belonging that enriched my college experience and shaped me into who I am today. Through shared experiences and supportive relationships, Tulane became not just a university, but a cherished home away from home.

Email: amehndirata@tulane.edu