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Information for Undocumented Students


Tulane’s Office of Undergraduate Admission assigns application readers by student citizenship. Tulane values the diversity undocumented and DACA students bring to our campus. When undocumented and DACA students apply, their applications are reviewed similarly to how we review international applications, taking into full account the experiences and background of each applicant. Therefore, we assign undocumented applicants admission counselors by the country from which they hold a passport.


Please note our admission deadlines and observe them carefully. Transcripts, Secondary School Reports, and recommendations must be submitted directly by your school. Documents will not be accepted from a student or family member.

You are welcome to send application materials via postal or courier service; however, it is strongly recommended that you submit online.

1. Application

All first-year applicants use the same freshman application forms. If you are applying as a transfer student, please review additional guidelines here.

2. Secondary School Transcripts

Tulane requires a certified copy of your secondary school academic record. Grades for at least three full years of secondary education are required; exiting exams alone are not sufficient. Tulane is familiar with the grading systems of most nations. If you have any questions or concerns about your grading system, please contact your admission counselor. This component must be submitted directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission by a school official.

3. Demonstrated English Proficiency

The admission committee weighs many factors during the course of the application process, including rigor of high school curriculum, classroom performance, quality of recommendations and statements, extracurricular and community involvement, and life experiences. In order to provide a more holistic review process for undocumented students, Tulane will consider several different standardized tests.

You must submit scores from at least one of the following:

  • SAT
  • ACT

Students completing secondary school in the US should submit an ACT or SAT score. In this case, TOEFL and IELTS are not required.

4. Secondary School Report

All first-year applicants must submit a secondary school report and/or an official letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor or head of class. This component must be submitted directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission by a school official.

5. Certification of Finances

The need-based financial assistance that Tulane University can offer to undocumented students is limited. Therefore, our office uses the Certification of Finances Form to determine a student’s financial situation. While undocumented students are not eligible for federal need-based aid, they are eligible for Tulane’s institutional need-based aid, at a maximum of $20,000 per year. Undocumented students should submit the CSS Profile by February 15th.

6. Optional Interview

Tulane does not require interviews for undocumented applicants; however, if you would like to request an optional informational interview with your admission representative or Tulane alum, we will gladly try to accommodate you via Skype or in person.