Advantage Summer Program

The Tulane Advantage Program is a pre-arrival summer program for admitted undergraduates designed to prepare students for their academic career in America and at Tulane through both course work and field trip based activities in New Orleans.

Tulane Advantage is a program consisting of five action-packed weeks for students in New Orleans experiencing trips, student-led projects, and sneak peeks at different majors. Tulane Advantage is designed to give students the enrichment they need and ensure they will be able to pass the three Tulane requirements that international students often find the most difficult: Race and Inclusion, First-Year Writing, and Global Perspectives

Each week, students learn about New Orleans and the surrounding areas through educational day trips including exploring the French Quarter and Mardi Gras World, as well as the area’s wetlands. Throughout the program, students learn about different academic fields including architecture, business, accounting, science, engineering, and American literature while developing and improving English academic skills. Additionally, students tackle project-based courses that will prepare them to be student-leaders on campus.

Students who join this program move into their residence hall on Saturday, July 6th and begin the program on Monday, July 8th. For five weeks, students are immersed in the culture of New Orleans and Tulane. Through academic exploration students will gain improved communication skills and confidence in their ability to thrive in America and at Tulane.

Upon completion of the program, Tulane Advantage students will serve as leaders in August for an orientation program geared towards international students. Newly-gained knowledge and experience makes these students effective peer leaders for incoming international students as they transition to college life. Once the fall semester begins, students are prepared for success at Tulane both academically and as an international student leader.

Program Details:

  • Intensive curriculum consisting of twenty hours of instruction and activities each week. Instruction will be a combination of project-based, content-based, and activities.
  • Students may elect to receive special one-on-one instruction to improve English speaking, writing and listening skills.
  • On-campus housing is provided throughout the program.
  • This is an English-language program and international students are eligible to attend on an English language I-20.
  • Important dates:
    • July 6 – Move into residence halls
    • July 8 - August 9 – Program dates (mandatory attendance for entirety of program)
    • August 13 – Estimated date for Making Tulane Home orientation
    • August 14 - 18 – Estimated date for university-wide orientation (also known as Hello Hullabaloo)
    • August 19 – Fall classes begin
  • Students should plan to remain in the U.S. between the end of the Advantage Program and the start of fall classes.
  • Estimated five-week program fee: $7,500. Housing fee: $1,330, Health Insurance (if needed through Tulane): $1,374.

If you have any questions about the Tulane Advantage Program, please contact the program’s organizer Robert Connor: For immigration questions related to the program, please contact the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) by email:


Do I need to complete a housing application?

Yes, you will need to complete two applications: one for summer and one for fall. All the Tulane Advantage students are housed together, so the requested summer dorm is inconsequential. Around August 5, Tulane Advantage students will then move to their dorm for the year.

When do I pay for this program?

You typically receive the charge for this program on your July bill along with the Fall tuition charges.

What if I do not pass this program?

This program has passed every student in the last four years due to the students’ dedication. That said, students must attend regularly, participate actively, and make progress in order to comply with academic policies and federal immigration regulations.

Are Tulane Advantage Classes for Credit?

Tulane Advantage includes three credit hours for Psychology 1000. This course is a prerequisite for business majors and fulfills the NTC Social and Behavioral Science Core Curriculum requirement. Additionally, passing the Tulane Advantage program is mandatory to matriculate into Tulane in the Fall.


"The first thing I saw when I landed in New Orleans was one of my professors waiting to pick me up at the airport. That made coming to a new place all alone seem much less strange. When the Advantage Program started, each professor taught us not only the techniques in academic speaking, writing, reading, but also ways to adapt to this new environment. During the day everyone worked hard, but every night there were activities arranged for us or you could go out with new friends. The program provided me a smooth transition from my hometown to America, and from high school into college. The professors became my mentors, and even now that the program has ended, they are still here to support me."

Elijah Shengbai Zhang