LCCA: Virtual Services


All Louisiana students and their families are encouraged to participate in our free virtual programming. We offer standardized test preparation courses, as well as sessions on various aspects of the college search and application process. Additionally, students can take any of our fifty student success workshops – some come with the opportunity to win scholarships!

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ACT/SAT Test Prep Classes

In partnership with Advantage Testing, the LCCA offers weekly standardized test prep courses. These courses are broken down into four sections: math, reading, science, and English. All Louisiana high school students are eligible to participate in these free, online courses.

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College Access Webinars and Workshops

Throughout the academic year, the LCCA offers a wide variety of free webinars and workshops covering all aspects of the college search process. Learn how to write a compelling college essay, explore the ins and outs of financial aid and competitive scholarships, and discover tips and tricks for finding the right college fit. These resources are available to all Louisiana high school students and their families.

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Student Success Workshops

Thanks to our partners at StudentLingo, the LCCA offers a wide variety of helpful online courses. Topics include reading and writing strategies, navigating the financial aid process, academic and career exploration, managing stress, and more. There are over 60 courses to choose from.

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