Maddie Laliberte

maddie laliberte

Hi! My name is Maddie and I’m from Massachusetts. I’m majoring in Exercise Science on a Pre-Health track and hoping to attend PA school after finishing my undergraduate here at Tulane. Freshman year, I studied at a smaller university in Boston. I felt as if I wasn’t getting the traditional college experience that I had envisioned. I decided to apply as a transfer to a few schools, and Tulane was the first school I toured. As soon as I stepped off the streetcar in front of Gibson Hall, I knew I had made my decision. Since completing my first semester here, I have created so many genuine friendships, gotten involved, stepped out of my comfort zone, and Tulane has exceeded my college experience expectations. There are many resources for all students, and so countless support outlets. I was worried about moving so far away from home, but the staff and students make me feel as if I’m at home. I truly did find my home away from home, and I could not imagine myself anywhere else.