Bailey Gabrish

Assistant Director of Admission, Arts and Architecture Coordinator

Belcamp, Maryland

BFA and BA, Tulane University


New York (5 Boroughs, Upstate), Architecture Students (all), Visual & Performing Arts Students (all)

Favorite NOLA Restaurant:

Muriel’s in Jackson Square (Ask about their resident ghosts and visit their Séance Lounge!)

Favorite Spot on Campus:

Dixon Hall. I love walking by the classrooms and practice rooms and hearing all the different instruments and voices floating into the hallway.

My “Only at Tulane” Moment:

The first time I realized Tulane was special was when I was taking a campus tour and I walked into the LBC and heard the jazz band playing. That was the moment I knew Tulane was the right school for me. The immense amount of culture this city and school has to offer never ceases to amaze me. From a steamboat cruise the first week of my freshman year all the way to a second line during graduation in the Superdome, Tulane has always proven itself to be unique.

My “Only in New Orleans” Moment:

My first time visiting New Orleans, I got to eat beignets, watch street performers, see the art on display in Jackson Square, take pictures with people in interesting costumes, buy crafts from local vendors in the French Market, pet a horse, see a second line, go on a ghost tour, and catch beads being thrown from balconies. And that’s a normal day in New Orleans.

My Best College Search Process Tip:

Be open-minded! You never know when a college might surprise you. Back in high school, I NEVER thought I would want to go to college in Louisiana. But, after my parents dragged me to Tulane to take a tour, I couldn’t envision myself anywhere else for the next 4 years. You might find that a school is not your first, second or even third choice but if you give it a chance, you may realize it’s the school of your dreams.