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Eleni, Class of 2017

Eleni, Class of 2017

My senior year of high school was when things really started to ‘click’ for me. I realized that I could really achieve anything I put my mind to and became very intrigued with how much there is to be learned in this lifetime. When I was deciding which college to attend, it was between two east coast schools within a three-hour drive from my hometown in Salisbury, Connecticut. Ultimately, I went with the school that I thought was the right choice. Within a few days I knew that my decision could not have been more wrong.

I went into my freshman year as an undecided major; however, I soon realized that what I was passionate about was not being offered at this particular university. I knew that what I truly wanted to study was something related to helping others and the health and wellness of populations. By the end of my first semester, I was determined to transfer to a new university that offered strong programs in the field of public health.

I stumbled across Tulane’s transfer application while discussing my collegiate future with my parents. At that point in time, I realized I wanted a school that was not only different academically, but also socially. I really wanted a school in the vicinity of an interesting city, with more students, and somewhere warm. That same day, I completed the Tulane application and was pleasantly surprised with how stress-free it was. It was very easy to apply to Tulane, and when I was accepted in the summer of 2014, I came to New Orleans for the first time with my family to see the University.

At that point in time, many great schools had accepted me; however, none of them felt right. By the end of my tour and after spending a few days in New Orleans exploring the city, I knew that I had to attend this school. Before Tulane, I never understood when people would express this same feeling regarding their own university; however, I am so excited to say that I finally know what they are referring to. I found my school. It took a lot of searching, time, and energy, but I am finally at Tulane, and I am so happy.

I started my fall semester as a sophomore and was placed in Aron Residences. Being placed into Aron was not only a surprise but also a blessing. I love having my own kitchen, but still having all of the benefits of living on campus. I have found that so many people at Tulane are very welcoming and open minded, which was a breath of fresh air. Everyone was very accommodating when I told him or her that I was new transfer.

At Tulane, I was so surprised by the amount of activities students could partake in. In the beginning of the semester there's a huge activities expo, where all the student organizations on campus have tables, and students can sign up for unique clubs. There are so many different options for students; I have found that my biggest dilemma is signing up for too many things. As a student, academics are my main priority, but attending a university that offers so many outlets for its students is something really remarkable.

I am well aware that this can be a difficult and overwhelming process, but I definitely recommend to anyone transferring universities if the possibility presents itself to explore it. I am more than happy to speak with any other possible transfers regarding the transfer process or about life at Tulane in general. 

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