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Eliana, class of 2017

Eliana, class of 2017

Transferring colleges was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with. Immediately when I began school at my previous college, I realized that it was just not for me. While I have made my fair share of impulse decisions, deciding to transfer was one that I thought about day and night. I had to juggle schoolwork and my second round of college applications during my very first semester in college. After weeks and weeks of looking at different colleges and many long phone calls home, I narrowed down my applications to only a few schools. One of these schools was Tulane, and it was the first one that I decided to visit while I was on winter break.

Stepping out of the car onto a huge oak root on St. Charles in front of Tulane is my very first memory of arriving here. From that point on I kept falling more and more in love, as I walked around the campus on my tour. I had the opportunity to speak to a transfer admission counselor while I was visiting, and I told him that I wanted to wait until the end of the year to see how things would work out. He understood why I wouldn’t want to rush such a decision, but he urged me to complete the Tulane transfer application, just in case I decided to make the transition.

Within a month of my visit, I made the final decision to transfer to Tulane. I realized that I would rather take that big step when the opportunity presented itself than to stay somewhere where I did not wholeheartedly want to be, hoping that maybe it would get better with time. Transferring was difficult, from all of the moving in that short period of time to starting fresh in the middle of the school year, but it was all completely worth it. I am now on track to getting my biochemistry degree with no delay, and I am enjoying every day on this beautiful campus, in this beautiful city.