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Lexi, class of 2017

Lexi, class of 2017

Deciding to transfer to Tulane was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My freshman year of college I attended a large university in upstate New York. I made the decision to transfer after just a few weeks of being there. Although I had many friends and loved my classes, I just did not feel like I was fitting in like all of my peers. It was not the right school for me. After going through the college search process yet again and ending up empty handed, I began to think that there wasn’t a school that I could call home.

My mom had brought up the idea of applying to Tulane, but I had never considered it because I wanted to stay close to home. Because she's a graduate of Tulane, I thought my mom wanted me to apply to follow in her footsteps. We visited during my spring break of freshman year, and I fell in love. The campus was beautiful, and everyone I met was beyond friendly and helpful.

I entered Tulane the first semester of my sophomore year. I was extremely nervous but excited to start over at a school that I actually wanted to attend. I was worried about making friends and finding my place on campus, but my worries soon subsided within just a few days of being on campus. I was quickly reminded of how welcoming everyone at Tulane is. Everyone that heard I was a transfer student went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and welcomed. Whether it was inviting me to eat lunch with them or introducing me to more people, I never felt excluded or alone. Tulane made the transfer process extremely easy and smooth.

As I write this while concluding my first semester at Tulane, I can honestly say that I feel at home, something that I would have never been able to say before coming here. I absolutely could not be happier with my decision to transfer.

If anyone is looking for a school with the happiest student body and great academics in an amazing city, then Tulane is the perfect fit. 

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