Preferred Name Policy

The Office of Undergraduate Admission and Tulane University as a whole is an inclusive community, valuing all current and prospective students no matter how they choose to identify. We are actively working with the Office of Gender & Sexual Diversity to ensure that our students and prospective students feel included, supported, and happy on Tulane’s campus.

It is the priority of the Office of Undergraduate Admission to refer to all recipients of our communication by the appropriate name. We often first receive prospective student information from testing agencies and address students by the name on record with the agency, unless directed otherwise. If you have ever received email, letters, or other forms of communication from the Office of Undergraduate Admission that addresses you by the incorrect name, please complete the form below. Once you have submitted the form, your contact information will be updated and all future correspondence from the Office of Undergraduate Admission will refer to you by the name you have given to us. Completion of this form is not mandatory; if you do not complete it, correspondence will refer to you by the first and last names currently on file.

Please understand that if you choose to use your preferred name with Admission, it may be used in communication with parents, legal guardians, counselors, and other parties involved in your college search process. Students who do not feel comfortable sharing a preferred or chosen name with their family should opt out of its use in Admission communications by selecting "please do not use my preferred name" below.