FAQs for Mayoral Scholars Program

What is the value of Tulane's Mayoral Scholars Award?

Orleans Parish students selected as Mayoral Scholars receive a four-year scholarship that covers the cost of tuition. The value for the 2022-2023 school year is $58,666. However, the value of the scholarship changes with tuition each year. The scholarship is guaranteed for four years provided full-time continuous enrollment and a cumulative Tulane grade-point average of 2.30 are maintained.

Who selects the Tulane Mayoral Scholars?

The Mayoral Scholars Program is funded by Tulane University. However, a Mayoral Scholars Committee that includes representatives from the Mayor's Office, local universities, and high schools select the finalists each year. The university and high school representatives serve on the committee for one year only. The New Orleans City Council and the Mayor's Office approve the committee's selections.

What are the minimum requirements to be considered for the Mayoral Scholars Program?

To be eligible for consideration, students must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Permanent resident of Orleans Parish
  2. Graduate of an Orleans Parish high school
  3. Admitted as a full-time undergraduate freshman student to Newcomb-Tulane College of Tulane University to begin in the fall semester
How many Mayoral Scholars are selected each year?

Five awards are made each year. Tulane funds one Mayoral Scholar per city council district based on the student's permanent address.

How do I apply for the Mayoral Scholars Program?

The Mayoral Scholars Application form will be added to an eligible student's Green Wave portal within one week of the notification of admission to Tulane.

How and when do I find out if I am selected as a Mayoral Scholar?

The Mayoral Scholars Committee typically meets in March and decisions are provided by mid-April. Student selected as Mayoral Scholars will be notified electronically and by phone.

Can I combine the Mayoral Scholars Award with other financial aid?

You may combine the Mayoral Scholars Award with some, but not all, other financial aid awards. If you are a Mayoral Scholar, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at Tulane at (800) 335-3210 with questions about how your Mayoral Scholar Award will interact with other financial aid awards.

You may combine the Mayoral Scholar Award with the following two merit-based scholarships and apply these other scholarships towards the cost of fees, room, and board: Tulane National Merit Finalist Award and Louisiana's TOPS.

You may NOT combine the Mayoral Scholars Award with other scholarships, including but not limited to the following: Stamps Leadership Award, Deans' Honor Scholarship, Paul Tulane Award, Presidential Scholarship, Premier Scholarship, Distinguished Scholar's Award, the Founder's Scholarship, Academic Recognition, Community Service Fellowship, ROTC Scholarships, Faculty/Staff Dependent Tuition Waivers, or the Louisiana Legislative Scholar Award.