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Spring Scholars Ambassadors

Elizabeth Miller

"Being a Spring Scholar is such a unique transition to Tulane. Spending time in London allowed me so many opportunities before arriving in New Orleans."

Barclay Zislin

"I have always wanted to study abroad and having that opportunity my first semester is the reason I chose Tulane!"

Penny Robins

 I spent the fall semester at JCU in Rome as a part of the semester long Spring Scholar Program. Studying in Rome allowed me to see so many new places, make lifelong friends, and develop new strengths.

Jack Morris

Being able to study in Barcelona during my first semester at Tulane was an experience like no other. I was able to immerse myself into the culture and explore Europe, all while meeting other Tulane students and creating memories that made my college experience unique.

Sydney Horn

During the fall, I spent the semester in London at Richmond University.

Charlotte Greer

During the fall, I studied abroad in Rome on a semester-long program. I was able to grow as both a student and a person through JCU!

Madeline Lorio

"I spent my fall at home, attending a local university before transitioning to Tulane. I also taught dance classes at a local studio!"

Annika Harris

 I would highly encourage Spring Scholars to spend the semester abroad. Being in Paris for my first semester was such a unique experience and a great transition between high school and Tulane.

Zoe Caplan

"Attending JCU in Rome during my first semester was challenging at times, but looking back I absolutely do it again!"

Samantha Morvant

Hi, my name is Samantha. During the fall, I studied abroad in Paris at AUP. At Tulane I am majoring in biological chemistry on the pre-med track. I’m very interested in getting more involved in clubs and am considering joining the club volleyball team.

Justin Silver

"Being able to study in Rome, immerse myself in Italian culture, and make amazing memories with other Tulane students during my first semester was amazing!"

Delilah Lerner

"I strongly encourage future Spring Scholars to spend their fall abroad. I spent the fall in London and loved every minute!"

Blake Surofchek

"I spent my fall semester in London. It was great to be able to build a Tulane network in the fall, and explore Europe!"

Alexie Smith

My fall semester at home gave me time to work, learn new skills, and gave me time to recharge before starting college.

Maci Mo-Ledet

As a local, I spent the fall attending the University of New Orleans. It eased my transition from high school to college as I was able to stay home and get used to the pace of academics and studying that college brings!

Samantha Knox

"I spent my fall at home working two jobs. I took summer classes through Tulane before the start of the semester to help me acclimate to Tulane."

Laine Tompras

 I spent my fall semester studying in Rome at JCU. Although it is not how I pictured my first semester at college, I am appreciative to have experienced something I will cherish and look back on forever.