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Spring Scholars Ambassadors

Leo Dumonteil Cabanas

“I loved being able to explore Barcelona and broaden my perspective before settling down at Tulane without compromising my academic progress in the Architecture program.”

Madeline Smith

“I really enjoyed my experience doing VirTUal Fall because it allowed me to be in Tulane classes via Zoom in the comfort of my own home, and ease my transition from high school!”

Emily Schweitzer

"In Rome I met some of my best friends, I got to travel all over Europe, I took very unique classes, and I got to come into Tulane with a cohort of people I knew, which has made the transition significantly easier."

Max Rudnick

“I took Tulane’s VirTUal classes for my first semester, allowing me to be a member of the Tulane community for a full four years!”

Amy Gaffen

“During the fall I traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel on a semester-long program and took classes for credit while keeping up with a part time local internship”

Sally Arneson

"My favorite class was Intro to Art Through Paris Museums; every week we would meet at a different museum in the city and study the art first-hand with the professor."

Lauren Zabell

“Taking classes near home home the first semester allowed me to work on personal growth and gave me time to prepare myself for Tulane’s rigor.“

Abbie Sagadencky

“I used the fall semester to adjust to a transition into young adulthood and learning how to manage new responsibilities.”

Hanna Hayes

“While COVID restricted our travel outside of Italy, I still managed to visit some nearby destinations and make lifelong friends!”

Tori Steckler

“I am appreciative of the opportunity to be a Spring Scholar, as it allowed me to make connections with students from a different institution, and helped me to build confidence with reaching out to other Tulane students.”

Brandi Lee

"During my fall semester, I stayed in Chicago and took classes at a local college and worked for extra savings."

Nivetha Kumar

"Starting my college experience in Paris was exactly what I needed before starting my life at Tulane, as it tested my independence and allowed me to work on my personal growth."

Emma Mansourian

“I attended JCU, and the time I spent in Rome set me up so well for Tulane!”

Mackenzie Melvin

“I spent my fall semester studying abroad at Richmond the American International University in London.”

Maddie Mancuso

"I gained a new sense of independence from traveling throughout Europe and made lifelong friendships with people from all over the world."

Trent Green

"I spent my semester between Costa Rica and traveling the rest of Central America, a sort of ‘Create Your Own Adventure.”

Sam Fisch

"Being able to study in Paris allowed me to see the world from a completely new perspective. In high school, I was an exchange student in Granada, Spain so I understood how impactful time abroad could be."

Mary Lawson Bring

“I spent my fall in Barcelona at UIC, and it was the best program to stay on track for Architecture.”

Emily Medich

"It was honestly the best four months of my life and I am so lucky I got this opportunity. The friends I made in Rome will last a lifetime."

Liv Varady

"Being in Paris allowed me to meet so many people from all over the world. I have friends from France, Singapore, Amsterdam, and friends from all over the United States!"