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Spring Scholars Ambassadors

Madison Britten

“Starting school in January allowed me the time to explore my dream helped me increase my aspirations of one day becoming a neurosurgeon."

Leah Goodman

“I lived in New Orleans and took a number of classes next door at I am continuing my participation in orchestra.”

Halle Davis

“I decided to study abroad in Rome…[it was] great for personal growth and gaining more awareness of the world around me.”

dominique perriseau

“I studied abroad in Rome...and going somewhere foreign really helped with my transition to Tulane.”

Corbin Merrill

“I had time to spend volunteering within my community, and dedicated time to relaxing before coming to Tulane as well.”

Ashlin Leblond

“Because I was a Spring Scholar, I had the opportunity to nanny for a military family near Honolulu, Hawaii.”

Grace Leigh

“I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania. I chose Tulane because I wanted my college experience to be unique.” 

Lily Marcus

“I studied abroad in Rome...meeting such incredible people from all around the world.”

Jackson Goldberg

“I went to school in the summer, got my motorcycle license, and then decided to travel.”

Ashley Sarris

“I took classes near home…[and] worked in a clothing store to gain experience.”

Tori Isaacson

“I had the amazing opportunity to have an internship at a video production company...and was able to travel to China and South Korea.”