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AP, IB & A Level Exam Credit

Updated information for applicants affected by 2020 exam cancellations/changes

Tulane will continue to accept AP, IB, and A Level scores without any change to our previously established equivalency chart. Scores from shortened AP exams, and scores determined from previous internal assessment and practice exams (IB and A Level) will continue to carry the same weight as previous years.

To ensure that students experience the breadth of knowledge at the collegiate level, AP, IB, and A Level courses can be used to satisfy proficiency requirements only in Formal Reasoning and Foreign Language. All other credit earned through AP, IB, and A Level courses can count as general electives toward the total credits required for degree.

IB scores must come from higher-level exams. Students should have AP score reports sent directly to Tulane from College Board.

AP/IB/A-Levels Chart

For more information, please contact Academic Advising.

Tulane may award credit for select international advanced placement examinations, including British A Level and French baccalauréat exams. Admitted students may request test credit evaluation by contacting Dolores Hemphill, Assistant Dean for Academic Advising (dhemphil@tulane.edu).