Tips for High School Juniors

Preparing For A Holistic Review

As you start thinking about where you want to attend college, you should also be focusing on what you need to do to get into college. Every school has a different set of requirements for admission, so make sure you’re aware of what each school is looking for. At Tulane, we holistically review applicants by reviewing your standardized test scores, high school GPA and course selection, extracurricular activities, application essays, and letters of recommendation. We like to look at all these components so we can get a well-rounded picture of who you are as student and person.

Finding Your Voice

When it comes time to start your applications, try not to focus on what you think schools want to see or hear. We find that the best applicants are involved in activities in high school that they enjoy and are passionate about. The same goes for your college essays. The strongest applicants are authentically themselves and don’t try to impress by writing what they think admission committees want to hear. On the subject of college essays, Tulane has a required and an optional essay. As you might imagine, it’s always a good idea to submit the optional essay that challenges you to tell us “Why Tulane?”

Engaging With Us

Once you’ve got your list of colleges, it’s a good idea to start engaging with the schools. When it comes to Tulane, there are many ways to interact with us. We love when you come to campus so you can get a sense of what our students experience, but that’s not the only way to engage. Throughout the spring and fall, our admission counselors travel around the world to visit high schools and host regional events. If we aren’t visiting your area, or you can’t make our high school visit, you can still learn more about us by signing up for our mailing list, connecting with our current students, or following us on social media.