Prior Criminal Conviction

Tulane University is committed to treating applicants with criminal or disciplinary histories with respect. We support second chances and the opportunities that may come with the pursuit of a higher education.

Tulane thoughtfully evaluates students who are asked to disclose a criminal or disciplinary history on their applications and reviews each application for admission holistically. No admission decision is based on a single aspect of an admission application, including a criminal or disciplinary history. A prior criminal conviction does not automatically preclude you from admission.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission avoids a “one size fits all” approach to reviewing an applicant’s information regarding their criminal or disciplinary history. When making an admission decision, we first consider academic accomplishments and extracurricular leadership, including but not limited to rigor of curriculum, letters of recommendation, and involvement in activities. Based on this framework, we evaluate the applicant on how they may impact and contribute to Tulane’s community. Any disclosure regarding previous criminal or disciplinary actions will not be considered until after this initial review.

Your information in the admission process

  • Please take time to answer Tulane’s specific question regarding previous criminal or disciplinary history.
  • Box-blind first reading: Admission counselors will not have access to information disclosed by applicants regarding previous criminal or disciplinary history, nor will they know if an applicant has “checked the box.” All applicants will be reviewed holistically on the criteria discussed above for admission.
  • Any applicants who have been recommended for admission and have disclosed past criminal or disciplinary history will then be reviewed by a special committee. The committee will be led by the Vice President for Enrollment Management.